Catering Requirements

The Millennium Centre is open to leading you to some great companies that can assist you with the catering of your event but we do not provide the catering ourselves. We are an open venue that will allow different caterers of your choosing to service you and your guests at the time of your event!

The owners of the Millennium Centre, 389 Main Street Heritage Corporation, require all caterers working an event in the building to:


  • Have liability insurance, be registered with Manitoba Health and secure all permits for the event
  • Be in compliance with safe food handling practices, having a plan for how food will be stored, prepared, transported, heated and served
  • Coordinate with the building management prior to the event to tour the space and finalize all event details
  • Ensure all candles at the event are contained within a holder and there are no naked flames
  • Ensure nothing is adhered to the walls of the building for the event
  • Have a supervisor on duty during the event to oversee servers and guests on the main floor
  • Maintain the security of the building during the event and ensure there is no damage to it
  • Remove all event materials, such as deĢcor and linens, from the building after the event
  • Ensure the serving area is clean, the tables and chairs are stacked, and all garbage is bagged and placed in the BFI bin behind the building after the event
  • Turn off all the lights, close and lock the front doors, and set the alarm before exiting through the back door, ensuing it is closed and locked when leaving the building after the event (if the building management is on site at the end of the event they will take care the lights, doors and alarm)

Please note additional costs are applicable if coffee or other services are requested.

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